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We support fish farms in their efforts to prevent parasites by providing efficient, effective and easy to use underwater cleaning systems. This will improve fish welfare and reduce the operating costs for our clients.

Diver with biofouling residue after cleaning.

Diver with biofouling residue after cleaning.


Our beginning.

In Norway, conventional net-based cage farming is still by far the most efficient salmon farming method, given the relative low investment and operational expenses required. As the aquaculture industry has developed, parasitic infestations and disease have emerged as the predominant problem source for fish farmers. In 2016, Jørgen Haave, was working in the industry as a professional diver. Witnessing the inefficiencies and dangers of current cleaning techniques he was convinced there was a better way. This is where the idea for a more efficient and safer underwater cleaning system was born and Bravo Marine as a company was established. 

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With the growth expected within fish farming in the future, it is not realistic to expect the majority of activity to be done in open sea. It is the fjords that are the future of fish farming.
— Alf-Helge Aarskog, CEO Marine Harvest

To have a future in the Norwegian fjords, salmon farming operations will need to adapt to changes due to political, ecological and social pressure. Our underwater cleaning systems will help fish farming to become a sustainable industry, strongly supporting the Norwegian economy in the years to come.

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